I came across this signed note from Dwight D. Eisenhower which I found rather odd. It states that he is in the hospital convalescing and cannot supply an autograph. Yet the note is signed anyways. I'm assuming this is secretarial (?) but still find interesting that it would contradict itself like that? You would think it should have been sent unsigned? Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Yep... major face palm. LOL

In any case, I'd still get it checked out. Not a signature I have studied extensively, but it looks a bit loose. Not sure if he used a secretary.

would also love to hear from others regarding my item

Next time, don't bother asking.

Mr. Cripps

I politely suggested getting it checked out by a presidential specialist. Don't bother asking for feedback on a public forum if you only want to hear positive opinions. 

Let's leave it at that. I will ignore any further comments from you; you're not worth my time.

I cannot speak for Mr. Zarelli, but I can tell you I understood what he meant by "a little loose".  The signature falls apart during the formation of the last name.  Does that mean its fake?  Not necessarily, but it is concerning.  I would also suggest that the negativity be avoided.  You seem to be a reasonable person, and a positive contributor to the site, but so is Mr. Zarelli.  This appears to be just a misunderstanding.

Wasn't Ike in Frankfurt, Germany for this period until his return to Washington in November 1945? From May 8, 1945, he was appointed Military Governor, U.S. Occupied Zone, Frankfurt, Germany. Wasn't he keeping an eye on Patton and asserting Truman's policies at this time? This was right after Ike strongly opposed the atomic destruction of Hiroshima along with just about everyone else. Eisenhower was also photographed in Moscow in August of 1945.

I will say the negativity, the outright rudeness of Carl Cripps, has no place in this forum. Mr. Zarelli does not deserve it - he is simply invaluable.

i am very sorry you feel that way.....you need not worry about me posting anything again....everybody on here is invaluable but statements must be explained to newbies as that is the whole idea of this forum i thought....

Good luck.

thanks eric....i app. your contacting me.......carl...

Just trying to help. E.



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