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Hi everybody! I’m a newbie here but have been a lurker for a while; super happy to have officially joined 1) because I have a question lol and 2) because you all seem so knowledgeable!

I’ve always collected mostly Hip-Hop and baseball autographs/memorabilia, but I’ve been expanding my music collection recently with some more classic stuff!

How does this Jimi Hendrix autograph look? The x seems a bit strange, but he could’ve been rush signing it as the seller claims it’s from Woodstock (red flag there?). 

Sorry if pic uploaded wonky/huge.

Thank you all! 

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No for me. Yes, Woodstock is a big red flag.

Thank you! I kinda figured it was too good to be true, and I usually stick to just collecting as many smaller names as possible…. So this was a reach. I appreciate it!!

Definitely not real in my opinion,

Thank you so much! Had a bit of hope but still, it’s a Hendrix so I’m sure they’re far and few in between. Appreciate the response!

No good, unfortunately.

Okay got it! May I ask the reasoning? Trying to learn haha thank you so much! 

The big sign was that the signature is inconsistent with known exemplars, matched by the "Woodstock" connection, which would be a dream. The presentation as a scrap of paper is also highly suspect.

Sorry not to bug you, I have limited knowledge and usually just send autos in to get authenticated, but what in the signature looks so off? I compared it to some other examples (like I said definitely limited knowledge haha) and thought the only huge suspect thing was the “ix”. I further also agree the whole Woodstock thing makes it ridiculous now that I’ve got some other perspective . Thank you so much!!! 

I think, I know you need Ballroom for this. For me, the "J", "imi", the "H", and "e" in Hendrix, The "n" and "d", "rix",  the form and way it was executed as a whole. Perhaps some size relations. The claim and presentation.

It looks slowly drawn and misshapen with bad letter formations. There’s an odd trailing off after the “D” and the “RIX” portion doesn’t look correct including no crossing of the “X”. 

The major sign was that he supposedly wrote eBay only on it. First of all, that’s not his handwriting, secondly, he died before eBay opened.

I completely agree with you Steve, it's not Hendrix' handwriting.


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