Here's a few of the dozens he is selling right now

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1 Word... WOW

Yes, oh wow is right! That Madonna and Michael Jackson really make me laugh. On the MJ, it's like, well maybe if I add the little star thingy! And that's the first Madonna I've seen inscribed with "Thanks", and I own four real ones. What a joke, but it's just not funny.

Shoutout to the six geniuses bidding on Prince right now.

These are so bad so I don't understand why people are bidding on them? Is it just so they can show of for people that don't care?

There are always plenty of people who have no clue.

And a lot of people who don't care.

A shame ebay allows this crap, even after reporting seller

It's 2014, Dom, and wannabe collectors still think that Ebay filters out the forgeries.

I bet Ebay has profited more from forgeries than authentic autographs.

There is no doubt about that. I'd say for every authentic one sold, 10 forgeries are sold. It's unreal

So true, Bjarne; so few people care.

I have an autistic son who is, for a lack of better words, obsessed with Michael Jackson. I've bought him numerous things to start a collection but would love to add an autographed item to it. I know nothing about these things & admittingly almost bid on the above item until I did a google search for the image & saw your page stating it was a fake (thank you for that by the way!) How do you determine real or fake, is it just a best guess or do some of you have a background in authenticating? What should I look for to turn the odds in my favor when purchasing? Thanks for any & all help/responses!!!



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