Hey guys,

I'm interested in purchasing from firsthandautographs4you on eBay. Seems like he's been around for some time, but I don't see that he's been vetted on the forums. Does anyone have any experience with him? Thanks!


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Their active and completed auctions include dozens and dozens of signed Funkos from the biggest stars of the Avengers movies.

You should ask the seller how they have many multiples of all the Avengers cast members. All of them signed neatly and centered on the Funko box.

Exactly, Steve.

Very convenient.

That's why selling forgeries on Ebay is easier than selling authentic autographs; Ebay is so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers and no common sense.

Absolutely correct, Christopher. Unfortunately.

Exactly, Joe.

No common sense meaning "I won't question how you acquired so many."

Ebay is pitiful. Honest sellers struggle to sell anything at a reasonable price and those selling forgeries are stuffing their pockets. Seems eBay doesn't care as long as they get their cut of the action.

Joe, that's one of the reasons why I post Ebay sellers of forgeries!!!

Collectors with authentic autographs cannot get a fair price for their items with forgeries diluting the hobby...

And Ebay is an enabler of the selling of forgeries...

In other words....

And in my opinion...

A willing participant.

Thanks for the input everyone! Certainly tired of all of the eBay forgers. Was hoping there were some signs this was different, since a lot of the forgers don't seem to have as many reviews or been on eBay as long, as a lot of them keep making and using separate accounts. Wasn't sure if just maybe someone had interacted with him since 2002 and even might have personally known him

Yeah, convenient how he seems to have gotten everyone. And funny how I don't see one single Funko in any of his "proof" photos.

It depends on what you’re selling. Certain areas of  autographs you can still probably do well with large clear photos and good descriptions.

However, genres like sports and modern entertainment are completely overrun with fakes. In those areas it’s an uphill battle because there are so many unaware impulse buyers. These are the type of buyers that the crooked sellers are targeting with their forensic “experts” and fabricated “in person” photos.



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