Ebay Seller henrruru-0 Sells Signed Forged Stan Lee Card COA Autograph Authentication Authority

Immediately below are threads about Autograph Authentication Authority (AAA).




Check out the below laughable forged Stan Lee card sold by Ebay seller Henrruru-0 for $61.00 with a worthless COA from Autograph Authentication Authority (AAA).


From the same seller; look at these forged Derek Jeter and Aaron Judge baseballs with a worthless COA from Autograph Authentication Authority (AAA).


Check out this laughable Kobe Bryant forgery.


Another laughable Aaron Judge forgery with a worthless COA from AAA.

Always using the cheap baseballs.


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Give the guy credit for creative marketing.

"Executive buyer only..."

LOL  Yep... that's just what all high profile executives want -- a junk Aaron Judge forgery on a cheap knockoff baseball. 

That cracks me up; the "Executive Buyer Only..."

Do executives only buy forgeries?

That's great, Steve!!!!


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