Ebay Seller Pahea_43 Sells Derek Jeter Forged Signed Baseball COA Autograph Authentication Authority

Immediately below is a previous thread on forgeries with that worthless COA from Autograph Authentication Authority (AAA).


Also immediately below is another thread posted on Ebay seller Pahea_43 and their forged Michael Jackson "Thriller" album.


Below is a forged Derek Jeter baseball sold by Ebay seller Pahea_43 for $164.99.

With Ebay so heavily-populated with delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, selling forgeries on Ebay is actually easier than selling authentic autographs.

And let's make this clear: Ebay doesn't care and they profit big-time from the sales of forgeries daily.

EBay claims "they care," but they lie as evidenced from the below thread on Ebay's appearance at the 2018 National.


Here is that obvious and laughable forged Derek Jeter baseball sold by Ebay seller Pahea_43.

Judging by all of the forged Derek Jeter items that I have observed over the past six months, they are all penned by the same moron forger.


Here's another forged Derek Jeter sold by Ebay seller Pahea_43 with a COA from Pinpoint Signature Authentication Services (Who?).

Other forged Derek Jeter items listed by EBay seller Pahea_43.

Please use your mouse to enlarge the below photos.

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Junk fakes with worthless cookie cutter COAs issued by anonymous people.

Welcome to eBay...

It's baffling how these delusional autograph collectors and impulse buyers, Steve, are so "impressed" with that Autograph Authentication Authority" COA.

No names listed on the website as to who the "authenticators" are?


Just fancy window dressing on the same old scam. They have gone from the photocopied black and white Nicholas Burczyk "forensic" COAs to holograms with websites.

Same ugly fakes with new lipstick.

Those companies like AAA know how easy it is to sell forgeries on EBay and creating an authentication company from their kitchen table is as easy as the kitchen-table forgers who produce the forgeries.

could they make those stickers any bigger and uglier?

Don’t knock the big ugly sticker. It’s a great warning sign… even from a small thumbnail picture you can tell that you don’t need to bother clicking the link.

good point Steve


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