eBay sellers lock-em-up-bob & samsobo forgeries slabbed by PSA/DNA

We have brought up eBay sellers lock-em-up-bob and samsobo before on this site. They are both eBay sellers who scribble on cheap base cards from the 80's, and sell them all as "signed" on eBay. These are eBay power sellers making thousands upon thousands of dollars based off of an eBay scam. 

Both of these seller's use bogus "proof" photos and the power of positive feedback to continue to scam buyers on eBay. Myself and others have brought these forgeries up several times.

Now this alone is no surprise, as we all know eBay is a cesspool of scammers/forgeries. Despite the fact that their entire business is based off of .10 cent base card forgeries, eBay does not care.

Here is where the real problem lies... PSA/DNA is falling for their JUNK. We all know people make mistakes, but PSA/DNA is authenticating and slabbing more and more of these awful forgeries which is a great concern for this hobby. It has become evident to me recently that neither PSA/DNA or JSA have any clue on a lot of athletes. I have pointed out plenty of flatout LAUGHABLE Don Mattingly forgeries authenticated by both "TPAs" recently. It's beyond "mistakes", it's merely a guessing game.

A fellow collector reached out to me and shared some photos he has been archiving on this subject. Ready to spill your morning coffee?

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Just sent your link to Dom, I know he used to get super heated about these sellers.  Hopefully he'll pop back in to express his opinion!

Yup good ol lockemup (please) Bob. Cant believe PSA would sign off on those crappy Carltons.

Is this guy still around? I couldn't find him on ebay

I'm thinking this might have been one of the accounts that got busted not too long ago, Ryan can probably verify.  I think I sent the items to "Dom" privately and he was stoked they got nailed. (I think it was this seller.... pretty sure?) lol


Jason I just clicked the links in Ryans discussion and both Lock-em-up-Bob and samsobo are still selling on eBay and have items for sale right now



Missed this thread the first time around. This is alarming.

While some of the fakes appear less skilled, some are fairly deceptive. I think most collectors and authenticators wouldn't give that Bernie Williams or Strawberry a second thought. 

This guy is making a killing off the mistaken notion that many collectors have... "low risk of a skilled fake of a non superstar player on a card" 

That Ozzie Smith is spot on and the Bonds is close. I just lose faith in TPA when I see these slabbed

Yet another reason why I put zero value on PSA or JSA certification.

I left 5 negative feedbacks for samsobo and another seller had left 3.  Total of 8.

All the negatives have been removed by EBAY.  Its easy to see that they are aware of the fraud and an active participant in the conspiracy.

They also changed their Ebay ID to Fishingfanatic05.

If Ebay removed their Negative Feedback then they are an active participant in the listing and selling forgeries.

That is repulsive!!!

but is it unexpected? I have said it a Million TIMES. Anyone buying anything for any reason on FU-Bay stands for NOTHING and should shave their head and start a rock pile PERIOD. Just STOP supporting companies that treat their customer like S***. Why would you buy from crooks? 

Assuming your feedback did not contain any profanity or personal attacks, I don't understand how negative feedback would be removed. I think high volume/high dollar powersellers probably have the juice to get negatives removed, but this seller doesn't fit that mold.

This is troubling. 



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