here are his items he seems to have all different types of autographs I bought an item from him years ago before finding this site and just came across him again


what do you guys think? they all seem to be on different types of items lower quality items in some cases thanks

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no opinions on his items ?

I have actually bought several times from him before. There are some that I'm a bit leary on, but in general (at least in my opinion) I think alot of them are good. There has been a good number of them that I've met personally and that's one thing I really look for in seller's items. If I can compare alot that I know are good, then typically many others are as well. That certainly isn't always the case, but in general I do like alot of the items.

really that's good to here i just see a fair number of big names at good prices. Years ago i bought an elton john from him for 8 dollars. Seemed to good to be true as i learned more and seeing more big names today starting cheap made me wonder.



Also, I think a bunch of them at one point were acquired through the mail. I just took a look and he has a few, such as the Clint Eastwood, that are consistent with the through the mail examples. Now, in the case of Eastwood it's obviously secretarial, but I'm not quite sure the seller is really aware. I'm also a bit skeptical on the Mick Jagger and couple bigger names like that. So I think there is a mix, but in my opinion, mostly good ones with a few secretarial ones sprinkled in and such. Just gotta do your research to weed some out.

those were the ones i was really skeptical on as well the jagger,the who names like that guess the bigger names might be abit of a gamble on

I have to say I wouldn't feel comfortable making a purchase, unless I identified something I was certain was authentic.  Looks like a large dose of through the mail stuff, and he mentioned he's purchased items from various sources.  I'm going to guess it's a mixed bag.  

Tons and tons and tons and tons of junk. Stay away.



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