Ebay Seller Scott.Noah2013 Mickey Mantle Reggie Jackson Autographed Photo FORGERY Florida Forgeries Sold For $107.01

Here's another one of those Mickey Mantle/Reggie Jackson "Florida" forgeries.

This set of forgeries was listed and sold by Ebay seller Scott.Noah2013 for $107.01

The "Florida" forgeries use the following worthless COAs: My Favorite Players, Nicholas Burczyk, MFP Reborn, YMC Sports, Myst-O-Graph, PrimeTime Collections, Myst-O-Graph and others.

This crap is usually purchased at local auctions, estate sales, charity auctions, etc.  The people who buy this garbage know ZERO about autographs and usually buy this crap cheap and then look to flip this garbage (forgeries) on Ebay for a profit.

The "Florida" forgeries can also be found at the following sites: AtAuction.com, Ubid.com and The Military Exchange Auction.

These are obvious forgeries that sellers of forgeries list on Ebay because they know the suckers and wannabe autograph collectors will bid and buy their crap.

Ebay as it has for the past twenty years, continues to profit from the sales of forgeries.

Ebay seller Scott.Noah2013 writes "I can't say enough cool things about this piece."

What's so cool about selling and owning a set of Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson forgeries?

Here are those Mickey Mantle and Reggie Jackson forgeries sold by Ebay seller scott.noah2013 for $107.01.


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Are there any Beatles collectors here? This dual signed item has a bid of $99.

Johnny Cash, Dean Martin and Elton John collectors!!!

Can any baseball fans and collectors tell me what's wrong with this picture?


That's Juan Samuel... LMAO

Love the Carrie Fisher non-effort.

The Favre is laughable, as is just about everything else.

Looks like the Reggie and Mick might, sadly enough, be the best looking ones of the batch.  Many of these "autographs" are "what were they thinking?!" type bad.

Rich, how do like the damn forger signing a Juan Samuel item? Nice catch JBS! This seller is getting some big money for this crap, including his Koufax fakes.

Whoever buys it gets what they deserve.  Stupid forger, stupid customers.  That's usually how it works out.

His music items are real bad. I guess a lot of this garbage ended up under the Christmas tree and i feel bad for the people that received these gifts. I hope some of them read this and ask for a refund.

1977 signed Star Wars comic book

Does the crap ever stop from this seller!!!!


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