Ebay Seller Tabaccoroadcards Derek Jeter Forgery Autographed Card Sold For $167.50 Gotta See This!!!!

Check out the below Derek Jeter forgery that recently sold on Ebay.

The below poorly-executed and laughable Derek Jeter forgery was sold by Ebay seller Tabaccoroadcards for $167.50.

This is why sellers of forgeries list their crap on EBay; they know the wannabe autograph collectors, suckers and impulse buyers will buy their garbage.

This is an obvious and no-brainer Derek Jeter forgery.

It is slabbed by FEC (Who?)

Ebay seller Tabaccoroadcards, in their item description writes "$2,500.00 graded value."

What the heck does that mean!!!!

This is a laughable Derek Jeter forgery and a wannabe autograph collector wasted $167.50 for this garbage.

Crap like this continues to devalue authentic autograph collections of true autograph collectors.

And as we all know, Ebay continues to profit from the sales of forgeries.


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some bozo put a 2500 dollar sticker on it, so the buyer thinks he got a steal.

I hope the buyer of that garbage sends it to PSA or JSA.

$167.50 for that crap, Terrier.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder Chris. whoever bought this thinks they hit the jackpot.

If memory serves, this seller always puts cards in these homemade "Graded 10" slabs with ridiculous price stickers on it, merely to try and fool the buyers. I guarantee the majority of the cards would not grade 10 at PSA/DNA or BGS. Pretty sure I've seen this clown a thousand times on eBay with Puig RCs with a $100 price sticker on it when it is a $4 card. (And not a 10 gem).

2500 holy cow. 


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