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Yay - ordered!

Thanks! Wasn't expecting this to ship to US address but it let me order.

Thank you 

Sold out

Great find. Thanks!

Elton is on fire lately, Sheeran, too!

Sold out already

Damn sold out, just missed it!

Weirdly I only got the email notification that you’d posted about this in the forum about 10 minutes after you did, was this an issue for anyone else?

How do I set up email notification for new postings?  

Click “follow” just above where comments begin on this page if wanting notifications on this thread…for notifications on all new postings / all threads, click follow near bottom of main musician-direct page. 

Thank you!

That was quick. Got one finally. Missed out on his other ones

Thank you a thousand times!!!
Now we all just have to wait for the version that both have signed... :-)


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