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Ed Sheeran Signed CD Single  - 99p HMV UK !


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Sadly they closed my local HMV a few years ago, my nearest HMV is a 60 mile round trip. I managed to order one from HMV with £2.00 postage, so all good thanks

Silly really, because if it is available from Warner (as it seems) then HMV are wrong to be marketing this as an ‘hmv Exclusive’ like they are…

HMV back up

Signed cd singles are also available from Assai Records: https://assai.co.uk/products/ed-sheeran-eyes-closed-cd-single-signed

They ship to a select number of international destinations


Lol! At least we know HMV had at least 750!


do you think this is someone who works at the store or just someone with a connection there? I thought this might be a pro but checked his store and while he does have 3 signed copies of the Kate Bush book for £99 each, he also has Legos, Soccor cards, and Funko pop soda cans so I'm not sure lol

Pro? No, no pro would invest £750 in Ed Sheeran signed singles. I find it unrealistic to think someone is going to buy the lot for 2k, but above all staggering someone managed to get hat many. I don't remember if there was a limit on orders.

Look at their completed listings. The seller has already sold 100 copy lots of the single twice now. 

looks like they also managed to get 2 of the Depeche Mode Momento Mori sets and sold them for £1200 each.....

yeah, that's why I thought it had to be the store itself, an employee, or they sold in bulk to the ebay seller because there is usually always some kind of limit. just can't see a store legitimately letting an order of 1000's go through unless they are getting some kick back


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