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Thank you! Another one for the (growing) collection. These look like they’re a better design to fit Ed’s signature too…

I see they’re 2 per order which is sensible and fortunately there’s no increase in postage cost for the second copy, which makes a nice change!

Thanks !!

at least the photo shows him signing on the front this time !!

but it’ll will be a huge E . Not the lovely signature showing on the website 

gotta love the 99p Sheerans 

Thanks for posting!! Unfortunately, I'm in the US and can't buy this. 

Your welcome to ship to me and and I’ll ship to you 

That would be great! Thank you. I sent a friend request to you.

Replied pm me your email 

and I’ll order and get shipped to me 

Your welcome to ship to me man and I’ll ship on to you if you want a couple 

I’ll pm you dude 

accept my friend request and I’ll send the addy to you or if you pm me your email I can order on your behalf which ever is easiest 

ordered, thanks!

Arrived this morning.  The cover is a thin, folded piece of card inside a plastic wallet.

Yea, got mine today. The signature is definitely diminishing as time goes on, but for a pound you can’t grumble!

And it is still available :-)
I never thought it was possible, but I don't even know where to put all of Ed's signed items anymore.


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