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Thank you, President Biden, for your 52 Years of Service to all Americans.

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was just about to post this -- bought 4

Hopefully real signatures lol

All the U.K. ones were real

Are you sure this is US only? Was able to get it to Europe address

Oh I didn’t try myself but that’s great then 

Thank you!!! Just bought 2 for me and my friend. Although shipping is as much as the 2 CDs lol

I know lol

Weird how it was cheaper to get them from the UK store to the US than it is from the US store to the US.

They were only 99p before shipping here..that’s like $1.40 so your start price is higher ! Although still incredibly cheap  

Agreed, still a very good deal.

The US store not only started prices higher, but seem to have added a premium for the signed edition. The signed edition in the US store is more than the unsigned version was in the US store, and shipping's gone up by ~60% compared to what it was a couple of months ago.

Isn't US only, they also ship to Europe!

Very good .. I’ve amended the title now… thanks 


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