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You just beat me to it .. was about to post 

ordered, thanks!

Now we cross our fingers for Taylor too…

Thank you - ordered, another one for the collection!

I ordered the maximum amount of signed copies (THREE), one for me and two of my friends! :-) :-D ;-) for slightly under  £15 delivered! 

Here’s hoping for Taylor’s 

exciting times 

Thanks, guys - great! Just ordered :-)

Its not the first time I cant by a CD from Ed's store, It dont let me add the CD to the basket, any tip on what to do? I've tried different browsers, privacy mode and nothing works ...

No problem here.

It does sound like a browser issue; are your browsers up to date? 
Most issues like these I experience on Mobile, did you try a Desktop browser?
Their add-to-cart already is a bit slow, if you're on a slower connection that sometimes could cause issues.

Same here. From my laptop or phone won't be able. From my other computer I am able to add the items to the cart. It doesn¡t matter the browser I use. Always the same issue.

Do forwarding services really save you 80% on shipping fees to US? Is it worth it to sign up for them?

I don't use the forwarding service for the US, but to Germany and it's actually mainly worth it if you can bundle a lot of orders so that you end up with shipping once (plus the cost of bundling for the forwarding service and possible import fees or duties to your country). With Forward Via, for example, you can collect the packages in your "suite" for about 30 days and then create the order for combined shipping.

On the homepage you can see the exact costs and can also calculate the shipping costs for a package (The service for combining multiple packages costs about 2 pounds per incoming package to be combined).

So it is a matter of calculating. I think for forwarding one package it may be too expensive.



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