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Collect them all! lol


Looks like they've taken the page down.

Still up for me atleast?

How strange, when I visit the page now in Chrome I get the Oops (404) page, while it still works in Safari. 

I've seen on Twitter a lot of Taylor Swift fans who ordered it hoping she secretly signed it too. 

I think they’d say if she did tbh. I feel like the same thing will happen like Elton johns 

I think so too. It's all about the sales numbers. If Taylor signed it will be a separate release like Elton. Hopefully Ed will sign on the front this time.

And like why would he meet up with Elton and sign with him and not Taylor. They’re really close and I’m sure she’d do it to help his sales and what not

I suppose one major issue between the two is that Elton and Ed are both UK-based, whereas Taylor is still over in the US. I guess that means it would be more of a logistical issue for her to sign any herself (if she’s recovered from all of her own signed preorders!).

missed it boo

Ebay sellers listing this for $200...



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