uk only I’m afraid!

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Oh, my bad. I didn't get that email, unless my husband opened it and forgot to tell me lol and I didn't see that in the thread. Thanks for the heads up! Hope is restored haha

Just showing  what I've done with my eltons

Looks great!

Very nice! Do you create these yourself? What would something like that cost (without frame)?

A guy in the UK does these for me cost me £15 each and he sorced the right resolution photos I only had to stick Elton in the matt

Wow that's an amazing deal. Did the 15 pounds include the LA Dodger poster?


Hi Alan, you wouldn’t mind sending me his details would you please. These look great

I would be interested too. 

Hi Alan, I don’t know if you can provide any other contact details. I’ve looked and couldn’t see any likely companies on Facebook

wow me too! looks great appreciate it 


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