uk only I’m afraid!

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Also in US shop. 3 options. Different than the Dua Lipa one. But when i try and order it says that it cant ship to my US address???

Maybe it's sold out already and it hasn't updated.

I had a page monitor up for it so I knew within a few seconds of them being listed on his site. Specifically says that it cant be shipped to my address. So they have something screwed up on their end.

I just did a dummy test and it says the US store ones can ship to me in the U.K. I think it’s just an error - they should sort it soon

Initially the shipping cost to a US address for the CD+ cassette package is quite high at more than $14. I tried again, and it is now lowered to a more reasonable $6.

Weird, mine is only about $7 to ship.

How many did you try and order. It charged me $8.44 for 2 bundles shipped to Michigan. Maybe they fixed it?

There was only 1 bundle of the CD and cassette in my basket, so I am not sure why I got different shipping costs. Perhaps they were still trying to sort out the correct shipping prices, that's why it was changing.

Who uses cassettes? Very few people id say.. I can understand vinyl.. Strange

When cassettes are bundled with CDs or vinyl, I think the purpose is just to increase album sales and make it chart higher. Who has a cassette tape player nowadays?!

100% the reason. Ship someone 3x tapes they'll never use and a CD, 4 sales towards your chart position. It's a scam really.

does the digital download that comes with purchases count as an extra sale too?



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