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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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oh no xd i bought signed records for my friends sometimes and didnt take extras...

am I bad person? XD

Well, if you have a good friend here that is going…

But that begs the question, why would you post here publicly to your good friend? 

Im just keepin’ it real, dude. Lol

Best of luck to you. I would imagine these are a one per person sale, maybe 2. You best be real tight with your buddy to get the  honor!

It is one per customer.

Anyone get one??

Not available till tomorrow 

Save yourselves the trip, looks like it's all gone already https://twitter.com/will0pad/status/1639126330099875841

I see a listing on Ebay for this for the low, low price of $2,000, which is much cheaper than the seller's other signed EJ item, Yellowbrick Road signed vinyl for $7,300. It's quite the steal. 

£600 seems quite decent, the one I was talking about be here


I guess this isn't he 50th anniversary one though, Signed Yellowbrick Road one be here...


What drama? You sound like the arrogant flipper who got his wristband and plugging his own ebay listing.. 

0/10 there Dan .. I can assure you I’m tucked up in bed at home and was saying there’s one for £600 not $2,000 


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