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Available from Selfridges Corner Shop this Friday - not clear if they’ll be on the website also but assuming this is London in store only

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Anyone knows where the corner shop is exactly?

Yeah. On the corner. Theres a shop. That's it.

Lucky people who get one. But I have a question about that black thing on his left. Why would it have his name ELTON JOHN lit up. Then is has ELTON written and BLUE underlined

Lol the autopen paranoia is heavy here, but I get it. That’s not an ink pad. It’s a sunglasses case from his collection. My guess is since he has so many different ones, he labeled them so he could pick out a pair easier. See attached photo. 

Wait a minute. That's not an inkpad, thats a space station 

I’m sure it’s one per customer, but if it isn’t and anyone can get an extra, I’ll buy your copy and your lunch, if you can snag one for me!

Me too! :)

No way those will be available if you arrive when the store opens. I expect flippers and some diehards to camp overnight, 100%.

oh shame im wont be there... one copy for me please!


Add my name to the Wish list of any spare extras. But CONGRATULATIONS to whoever is lucky to get them

what should i do?

i dont now :(

You should abandon all hope. Nobody is getting extras to share at cost. They will easily be worth 5-10 times over retail. Maybe even more. Good Samaritans are a nice idea, but money talks. Loudly.



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