Hey guys,

I saw this signature and I would hear your opinion. It looks fine to me, but I've never seen that Elvis' wrote a letter "K" like this (in word "Kris"). What do you think about this one?? Thanks.

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This is from eBay. Seller (eBay ID): signaturelicks . Seller wrote that "It comes with a COA issued by Heroes&Legends". What is the company? Does anyone knows about this company something? I'll be grateful for any info.

Did you run "Heroes and Legends" through the search engine here? Might be useful...

Yeah, I saw many negative feedbacks. But the signature looks nice to me. Isn't? I just don't like "K". What's about signature?

Or better don't have any deal with the seller who offers "Heroes&Legends" cert.?

BTW, here's a link on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/-/183562125289?nordt=true&orig_cvip=tr...

But auction is already closed. 0 bids. Hm...

I think this is o.k.

Hesitation is warranted though considering the COA is from H & L

I think the formation of the "K" might be explained by Elvis starting to write "Chris" and being informed that the name was spelled "Kris" 

Take another look at the example & tell me if you agree with me



Thanks! Yes, I thought about this explanation and maybe you right. It's a pretty rational explanation.

I think Don is very right. In my opinion the signature/this item is real too. Btw, a very early one. Like it. 


Yep, I agree with it. Thank u too!

I'm glad you asked, Timothy.

No matter what the autograph looks like, probably the only thing lower than the odds that an Elvis Presley autograph sold with a Heroes and Legends COA is real were the odds of winning that $1.5 Billion Powerball lottery a couple months ago.

Heroes and Legends (Myron Ross) was the first advertiser I kicked out of Autograph Collector after I bought the magazine in 2004. 

The UACC kicked Ross out of their Registered Dealer program about a year later, and he was one of the first members.

Even if it was absolutely genuine, it's permanently tainted by having a Heroes and Legends COA. Like ordering a filet at Morton's and realizing as you're about to take the first bite that your familiar-looking waiter is Hannibal Lecter.

And if a seller knew it had his COA and failed to disclose that if selling it at any point in the future, it would be unethical: hiding negative provenance.

Did you look at the Signaturelicks inventory? That's extremely important—misery loves company. Most of the autographs I saw had Heroes and Legends COAs.


This Barbra Streisand purportedly signed photo with a Heroes and Legends COA is $19.99 with 2 days to bid. It would be a bargain at 10-times the price:


Thank you so much for your comment! Probably that's why I didn't make a bid, but I very wanted, really. Autograph looks very nice, but the "H&L" cert. stopped me.

I've seen inventory of this seller and that's why I've made this discussion (to get some help). By the way, the most strangest thing which I've found it was sheet with 4 autographs of the different presidents of U.S (Bush, Reagan, Carter and Nixon) with started bid only $349! I find it hard to imagine that 4 different presidents signed on the same piece of paper / sheet. If it was a true I think it would be worth a few thousand dollars with started more than $349 (you can find this item in the inventory of the seller). And it's really scares me if seller has more than 1000 different autographs and many of those probably could be not authentic (or just questionable signatures).

So thank you Steve, I think I saved my money (even if the autograph is good I don't want to buy something with the terrible reputation).

I agree fully with everything said on this thread so far.

I will add that IMO if Roger looked at this he would pronounce it genuine. 

I have personal experience with H and L items (from years ago). I wouldn't trust anything they touched.  Having that H and L sticker/COA is like dating the most beautiful girl in the world and finding out she has herpes.  

On its own, I would probably vote authentic, as I see a lot of positives.  Also they were putting out Paul Mc signatures by the dozens, same exact style on all of them.  Where are the other Elvis forgeries like this?  Lots to think about, but in the end, I wouldn't touch it.




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