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Hello everyone.  I was wondering if this Elvis autograph is real or fake.  Thank you.

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It doesn't look real to me.

Same with me. Not real in my opinion. 

Thank you Steve & Karsten, I appreciate you taking a look.  

As a side note, this came from a Julien's auction a couple of years ago and it is back on the market.

Thanks again!


In my opinion it's not by the hand of Elvis Presley.

Elvis was a prolific signer etc. In addition his extra wording was often scribble. Yours is clearly written suggesting a different hand. The signature looks shaky and perhaps slowly written. 

I would resubmit it to julien's and hope for the best.

Julien's are a notable auction house. They often get some fantastic items. But they also consign questionable items. 



The name is off and the writing too legible. No from me.

Thank you all for taking the time to reply.  You have helped me avoid a bad purchase.

It's not Elvis. It looks like on a secretarial signature.

If this indeed came out of Julien's as suggested then they clearly need some help on the Elvis file.

Not a chance of this being authentic



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