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Eugene Levy counts as a musician - right? Part of the seminal folk band Mitch & Mickey known for their favorite "A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow". Featured in the documentary, "A Mighty Wind".

Also signed by Dan Levy

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Grabbed this last night! 

Hell yes! Thank you! Love this forum. 

Love schitts creek! Ordered! 

Arrrrgh so frustrating BAM don't deliver to the UK otherwise I would be all over this. Hopefully a UK provider will pick this up. 

Thanks so much for posting this. I got one and I am over the moon about it!

Got it!  Thanks!!

BAM finally sold out shortly after they sent out the email a few days ago, but !ndigo has them too:


They might ship to more places than BAM does.

Thank you! Finally managed to snag a copy out here in Bonnie Scotland. It was with pretty reasonable shipping - for now, let's see what import taxes I'm stumped. But thank you! 

For any other UK-based Schitt’s Creek fans out there, I see that Waterstones now (finally) have this listed themselves:https://www.waterstones.com/book/best-wishes-warmest-regards/daniel...

However, looks like no dual with Eugene too, as it’s listed as Signed Edition - signed by Dan Levy

Also ‘Limited to one per customer’ as Waterstones seem to have been doing with the recent higher value pre-orders.

Thank You !

I’ve been looking out for this as my wife is a huge fan of the show.

Thanks for the much needed brownie points 

No problem at all, Jason! 
I’ve been doing the same, purchased mine as a Christmas gift for my Dad.

I see they’ve sold out already, so I’m happy we were both able to grab one!

It’s a shame we’re Dan-only here in the UK, but hopefully we won’t have any issues like WHuffman has had below.

I received my copies of Best Wishes today from BAM...  NO Autographs.

Very disappointing.  I purchased three of these (one for myself and two as gifts) back on 06/23/21 and have been waiting all these months for them... only to receive unsigned versions. Has anyone heard that Daniel and Eugene did not sign?  I just emailed BAM and will see what comes of this, but wanted to vent. Lol


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