(I will delete this thread if anybody thinks the signatures are genuine)

Seller has sold 2 books already with same mega dodgy signature (uk seller)

(1) https://www.ebay.com/itm/134314784176

(2) https://www.ebay.com/itm/134314784822

Curerntly has 2 more listed with bids

(1) https://www.ebay.com/itm/134316965114


Absolutely disgusting. Never seen Bono sign like this.

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I agree with you.  It is truly awful what people do

Wanted to get the message out if anyone accidentally buys. Absolutely vile.

One of the worst fakes I've ever seen for any signature, you can see that it is 100% traced, really badly.

Regardless, I sometimes buy autographed stuff on eBay, but only if they it's sealed or comes with a proof of purchase. Let this be a reminder for us all that there is tons of junk there in attempt to fraud us. hehehe

Really shaky signatures!! Feel for the buyers.

In the end its the buyer's responisibility to do his homework as well. Again, I personally only buy stuff from re-sellers only if I'm 100% sure of the autographs, or its a sealed CD with a proof of purchase from the seller. In the case of re-sellers, eBay is full of them and mostly everything I saw from re-sellers is totally legit. I bought my signed Slash 4 cd from a re-seller. Some of my most prized autographs are from re-sellers.
There's really not much to it... This particular seller is a fraudster, but in the end the buyer payed the price for his own ignorance.

They sold 7 copies.. 

It's ridiculous that ebay does absolutely nothing about these fraudsters! 

I reported some fraudsters so many times I gave up in the end - just shows how unsafe ebay is ! 

I agree but there are a few ways to look at it. There is no way for Ebay to enforce autograph authentication. They have tried in the past. The good thing for buyers is, you still have a certain amount of time to file a claim. You can research while its in hand and file at the very last minute. Ebay will not deny a return if you feel it is not authentic. It hasn't happened often for me but they have always covered return shipping. Ive mostly used it because of damage that was not shown in the listing.

They give buyers every chance possible to be completely happy. Its up to the buyer to research. I believe it is fair. Consumers need to be more knowledgeable. Ebay is filled with impulse buyers. Its why buy it now items have become more popular than auctions

Wow that is laughably bad.  

What a shame here. This seller is as bent as a nine-bob note.

If these were any worse-they'd be in crayon.



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