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Wow -- every signature fake on this one?  I collect rock and roll and see some music items at Lelands from time to time.  Did Barry Halper forge 100's of fake autographs? 

I was only referring to the Ruth.

It actually states in the auction description that the Ruth is a secretarial. That’s mentioned in the LOA as well.

Pardon me while I look for my dunce cap…

I’m an idiot.  Not all the time.  But today, yes…

We all make mistakes. If you look at the price, it’s easy to assume that it was sold as an authentic Ruth signature.

You are anything but one, Travis. You care and you are aware of the problems in the hobby. I sincerely thank you for being so concerned to post about it.

Yes, Ballroom, thanks.

I just looked this up, too, and the lot was sold with a PSA/DNA LOA stating that the Ruth is secretarial.

Here it is:


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