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Been waiting for this. Thank you very much!

Yeah thank you !!! Got one 

not fan enough to want any bundle, so will hope there's another chance on just the signed CD or vinyl alone--

FYI, a good amount of each option at this point:

So Much (For) Stardust Autograph CD + So Much (For) Stardust Tee Box Set
Small: 363

Medium: 272

Large: 230

X-Large: 328

XX-Large: 405

3XL: 439


So Much (For) Stardust Autograph CD + Smile/Frown Tee Box Set
Small: 265

Medium: 74

Large: 15

X-Large: 130

XX-Large: 268

3XL: 374


So Much (For) Stardust Autograph CD + Smile/Frown Hoodie Box Set
Small: 369

Medium: 277

Large: 179

X-Large: 256

XX-Large: 329

3XL: 376


So Much (For) Stardust Autograph CD + Accessory Box Set
One Size: 1270


What do you use to check availability? Do you ave some sort of pragram or chrome extension? 

Thanks :)

Awesome thanks, I was gonna pass on the bundles but got 2 of the CDs shipped to the U.S. for $38 total which isn't bad

how did your order come out to 38 I ordered 2 also and it was 54 just curious

$54 Australian is roughly $38 USD,

so maybe that's what Joel was referencing.

Yes it was just under $38 in USD

so someone got their copy today and apparently they were not signed by the guitarist Joe Trohman, I'm not really a fan of the band so had to google him and I saw that he has taken a break from the band to deal with mental health issues so I guess it was unavoidable. here is a pic of what they said they received  

Damn, understandable, but still sucks as a collector. At least the other graphs look halfway decent!

Thats a bummer but personally I'm just happy patrick stump scribbled something



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