So here's the story of this from the individual I purchased this from...

"The autographs were obtained personally by Ray Stewart after personally meeting and interviewing the members of the band. A little bit more insight into Ray Stewart. My father was the manager of the band of which Ray Stewart was the lead singer. The band were called "Frankenstein and the monsters" who were on the music scene in the 60's. The reason the band were named this is due to the appearance of Ray Stewart, who looked and was built like Frankenstein. Ray used to drink in the Shakespeare Inn "Shaky" in Sheffield, and he lived with his wife Viv on Foster street".

What do you think? Looks real to me, but PSA says otherwise. The album itself is true to the time period.

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I am not familiar with the signatures and cannot offer an opinion.

But my advice is this: Disregard the "story." It is not real provenance and should have no bearing on the analysis of the signatures. In fact, the "overly detailed" story sounds more like "cover" and a red herring than any sort of convincing backstory. What does the physical appearance and drinking habits of the lead singer of a band that no one ever heard of have to do with the authenticity of these signatures? Nothing -- it is a diversion to create an illusion.

I agree with PSA and also with Zipper's assessment of the "story".

The Stevie Nicks doest look right to me. Id ask Roger Epperson to be sure, and if he says no good, id immediately go for a refund. And i agree about the story. Where the guy lived, his drinking habits, etc is just a smoke screen, like Zipper stated

Doesn't look good.  The Stevie and John McVie looks like they were signed by the same person. Avoid.

Not real IMO.





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