Florence and the Machine "Dance Fever" Signed Cards @ French Webstore

Signed Art Cards now also available via a EU store, non-bundle options. The site says one card with every order.


UK Store

US Indie

DE Bundles

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don't remember seeing them before but just noticed signed bundles in her U.S. store as well, unless she has been signing these for months in preparation (which is possible) then I'm starting to worry a little about these, either in authenticity or quality of signature. these have been on sale for so long and now she's adding them in more places. fingers crossed. 


Art card it’s not added to the cart so maybe the sold out 

Took one and opened a service request,  worst case scenario I'll cancel it

Just did the same, sent them an e-mail asking for the signed art card. If they are already sold out I'll cancel it too

It IS writen " one signed card for each order" 

I got an answer:

"We confirm that the first 350 orders placed will be accompanied by an autographed card and your order is one of the first 350"

Just received the same answer. We must have been very lucky eheh

I also received the same respose. What's strange is that their website is still offering the signed art card. Maybe they haven't sold 350 orders yet?

Sold out:)

Deluxe CD + Signed Card on Bravado! I bought the same one from the french store but someone may want from here.

New Florence Picture Disc with signed artcard!

Bummer no shipping to the UK



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