I'm having a hard time trying to get messages to send privately. Hoping innunedo sees this and steps in. Any ideas about this freddie?

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? I dont see anything here. But its if the one you sent the link to privately, I just replied. I got two messages from you both reading the same thing. Try not to hit the send button more than once. It might lock up the page and end up sending something multiple times. Remember to work the seller down. The price is too high imo. Best.

Yeah it was the one I pmed u. I had the Ebay link here originally but I removed it when I tried to add a photo and I guess it backfired. Thanks man!

Hello! I have a Mercury for sale. Can I post it here or is there a place to sell on this site specifically?

There is a free buy, sell, and trade section here.

Here's a link to Buy/Sell/Trade: https://live.autographmagazine.com/group/free-autograph-buy-sell-trade

First post it in this authentication section to make sure it's likely real: https://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/categories/is-this-autogra...

Thank you Steve I will use that

Steve do I still need to post it in the other group if the queen facebook autograph people already approved it? Thanks in advance 

Kassidy, it's always best to be sure the item is genuine before selling. Would you mind posting a photo? 

Lol it's the one J Matting was asking about. I run the queen autograph facebook page and we did actually discuss this one. Genuine and is similar to one I recently sold. The pen on yours looks to be some kind of thin marker or gel pen for the ink bleeding. Genuine indeed. I'd guess late 80s. I'm sorry about your father's passing. That's never easy. 5 inches by 5 inches is a pretty good sized piece for him. I'd give it the green light to post in the sell group. Or you could try Ebay again and list it as an auction. Itll bring in a good price that way.

Thank you. I was hoping to sell outside of Ebay to avoid the fees I've been reading about but that may just be something we have to accept. I appreciate your help

Hello guys Innuendo has informed me that my original price on Ebay was too high. I now have a more realistic price in mind. $550. If youd like to buy please let me know. I realize this isnt the selling thread so I will make a new post for it there tomorrow. Thank you all

Do you have a picture of it



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