About a month ago I bought a signed sheet of paper off EBay, signed by the legend himself Freddie Mercury!

It was supposedly signed by Freddie at the 40th birthday party of Roger Taylor, to Roger’s good friend Laura.

On close inspection of the signature, it appears as though an unlying red outline follows the black of the ink where he has signed. I’m not too sure whether this is simply the residue in the black coming out, or that a red outline has in fact been used to trace over..... the latter is more unlikely as the ink in black is signed rather quickly, like he would normally.

Just looking for opinions from you guys!!

Thank you!!

Joe ☺️

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Hi Joe. 

The autograph is absolutely authentic. Laura also obtained Brian's and Anita's that day.

The red line... well who knows. Maybe the paper was already marked with that.

The problem is that you have bought a facsimil. A year ago or so Pete Wescomb bought this signature and then sold it to a spanish friend of mine. He still has it in his collection. The good one. 

If the seller is selling it again, it's bad news. Because he's selling facsimils. You should ask for a full refund right now!!! Beware.

Hi Fran,

Oh wow really?! I’m absolutely gutted!

i bought it off an Italian seller called Cristina. She has been very rude and has not told me exactly how she managed to obtain the signature, even when I asked. 

I’ve asked for a refund about three days ago and she has refused! Therefore I need to gather evidence against the item for PayPal the review.

She did not make the type of paper clear (almost like a corrugated material), as well as the red lining under the ink. She also used very poor packaging and it came damaged! She also gave me the wrong measurements!!

Does your friend still have this signature? If so, have you got a picture of it?? That would abolutely guaretee me a refund and also make sure she can never sell it off as real again! 

Thanks Fran!!

Hello Goodnight.

Could anybody help me?..

I have seen that in this chat the authenticity of a Freddie Mercury firm was studied. A month ago I bought a Freddie Mercury signature on the back of a photo. I have seen that this signature is very similar to the one you put in the chat. Would it be possible for someone watching it to tell me if it is possible to be authentic? I put a picture. Thank you very much for your collaboration

Attachments: No photo uploads here

pay pal should be able to help . u will have to pay to ship it back but u should win ur dispute .

it will take take

I busted a artwiork forger on ebay and it took a long time for paypal to refund money to the victums but eventualy everyone got it back

when returning it make sure u get deliverly conformation

It’s really frustrating! I paid £475 in total and I honestly feel like I’ve been robbed!!

I now need to find a professional whom can write me a document to add to my case on PayPal! Even though I have enough in photographic evidence alone.

I shall be taking pictures of the packaging when I sent it back and also send it first class signed for!!!

Thanks for your help!!

Here you have. This one is folded between Freddie and Mercury.

When Peter put it on ebay, maybe it was discussed on the Facebook Group that Innuendo runs, so they probably talked about it when Pete sold it.

I don't know if you can notice it, the paper seems to be quite old and I think that the blue ink is lighter than the blue ink in your signed paper, I don't know why those blues are different.

I hope you can get your money back!

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Hi Fran!

Oh wow, thank you so so much! I can’t believe my luck. I shall be using this as proof now.

Thank you for your time!!!



Put a comment on Innuendo's profile, Joe. He's extremely good on Queen.

Cheers Steve, I shall comment on their profile now!!!

Damn I am very disappointed!!

Would you be able to help me with my PayPal case? I need an unbiased, professional opinion in order to get a refund, as the seller is refusing.

I would happily pay for your services.




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