Does anyone think this is real?

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This is not genuine, sorry. 

Hi Innuendo.

I am the owner of the Freddie Mercury signature above and I do appreciate your feedback. 

Let me first say that I listed this signature (+ 2 more signed items) for sale on a Norwegian site yesterday. I have temporarily taken down the advert after reading this thread. 

I bought these three items 19 years ago from a big Queen collector in the UK. He had a large portfolio of items for sale, mostly rare/very rare LP's and things like that but also a few signed items. I did my due diligence back then and I have never had any reasons to belive that this signature is not genuine. 

I will attach a few more pictures and it would be great it if you could take a second look at the Freddie signature, and if possible, also check out the Complete Works box set. I do have a signed Heaven for Everyone promo poster as well, but it seems like I am only allowed to attach 3 files.

I know you are an authority on this site when it comes to anything related to Queen so it would be great if you could give me a bit more information. These are the only three signed Queen items I have ever owned.  

Thank you and cheers from Norway.

It's good of you to have taken down the item as it is not genuine, and in doing so you are proving yourself a good seller. The Jazz item is not genuine and having seen the Brian on it only further confirms that. They're actually fakes from a seller who has been very active over the last couple of years so I'm surprised to hear you say you got these nearly 20 years ago. Typically this guy's junk is found on ebay and places like ioffer or rare and signed. 

As for the Compelte Works, that was a Fan Club item. I'm not sure if you're familiar with Queens fan club but they were known for forging the band's hand for years and making their own COAs to sell them with. However, not all items were fully forged. It was not uncommon to have a partially forged piece. For example, like yours- a fake Roger  with a genuine Brian. Why? Brian was available to sign the item and Roger wasn't. However, the item would be worth more if it had all remaining members vs just the one. So they slapped a secretarial signature on it and moved on. During conventions the FC would offer these items for auction. It was all too common in the 80s and 90s. Have a look at my thread about Queen FC secretarials here: You'll see your Roger matches this.


Thank you for your reply. Much appreciated. 

Yes I bought the Jazz item back in 2000 and I know that the previous owner bought it long before that, so the autograph itself, regardless of who signed it, is old. I have always assumed it was signed at the time Jazz was released as it has a natural fade to it. I have never exposed  it to sun or much light (it has been stored away in a box for the past 15 years) so the condition today is basically how it looked (as I remember it at least) almost 20 years ago when I got it. 

Thanks again. 

Hi again! I have given this a thought and I think I will use some time to try to get more feedback on this signature from other sources as well.

I do appreciate your opinion Innuendo, but to me it just feels strange that a signature that was written decades ago is supposed to be the work of a forger who has been active more recently. Of course, you may be right – maybe this guy has been faking Freddie signatures for 30-40 years, but for a layman like me it is difficult to instantly agree with your conclusion on this as it seems a bit unlikely. 

If Innuendo says it's no good you can take it to the bank

Sorry to say that the Jazz picture, without doubt, is not genuine. 



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