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Hi, I'm wondering about the authenticity of this poster on Celebrity Authentics, as well as CA's reputation:


Do all the signatures look legit?

Thank you for your time.

The graphs are legit. Most collectors are not fans of celebrity authentics because they are very expensive and are owned by the same person who ran gridiron authentics and they got caught selling sports forgeries on eBay. They do get some rare signers that no one else gets though, so sometimes it is hard to avoid doing business with them altogether, if you chose to do so just be cautious.

Thank you for your response. I've tried tweeting the image to Mark Hamill, but haven't gotten a "Like" if his is real or not, but hard to know if it's not or he just gets too many tweets.

I also found this on A Piece of History Collectibles:


Any thoughts on this and the company's reputation? I've seen the owner on various FB autograph groups, but again, are they legit and is he reputable?

Thank you for your time and help.

That piece is real, I cannot speak for the reputation of the company as a whole as I have never done business with them.

A Piece of History is Josh Clark.

Legit but very pricy

Any thoughts on these?  Thank you.

All 3 look perfect, Daniels signed like that in the 1970's but by the 80's he streamlined to the signature he gives today.

Both Guinness and Ford are great period pieces from the late 70's.

The Alec Guinness and Harrison Ford autographs look pretty typical to me.  I have a concern about the Anthony Daniels autograph, but I will cede to Pete's expertise.

Here are two more from my collection, again from the 1970s.  If anyone has an idea what these are worth (including the first 3 I posted, above) I would be interested to know.

The items inscribed to you are pretty tough to put a value on. They wouldn't sell for very much. If the Daniels photo is a true glossy photograph, It would bring $30 or so for someone willing toattempt to remove the inscription.

The Guinness card wouls sell easily at $50-$100 depending on the day.

The Ford album page is your best piece, and even in this economy should bring some money  

Thanks Pete.  I'm not selling but it is always interesting to know!



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