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Steve Cyrkin pointed me out here to ask for George Lucas, Harrison Ford and maybe John Williams signature opinion.

Can you confirm those are legit sigs?

Ty in advance

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Mike T and Pete,

I'd like to have each SW authenticity question as a new discussion post instead of all one long discussion. You can be notified of every new discussion in the forum by clicking Follow the forum at the end of the main forum page, so it won't effect notifications.

I'd like to do this because it's much more search engine friendly, both the site's and Google/Bing, so it's easier for people to find the info they need. (You can't search inside a discussion from the forum main page; just discussion titles.) It will help people learn to become better collectors because they can browse forum discussions on read ones of interest to them.

Are you good with that? I'll put a notice on the forum main page and soon close the current one to new replies. The content will still be there and visible.


Can this Carrie be seen well enough to give an opinion on?

Not really, but from what i can see, I don't like.

I agree with Mike T.  The “s” appears to be atypical.

Hello! Is this Carrie real or fake? 


That is not real.

Not even close.

Hi guys. Just wondering about this Freeborn. I know his signature changed when he got dementia he didn’t usually sign his full name. Thanks 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

The “Freeborn” part of the signature looks pretty typical to me.  My only concerns are with the flow of the “F”, and the second “e”.  Regardless, it is not enough to make me think that it is a forgery.  I am not as familiar with the rest of the signature.

Thanks Mike. I know he did a few private signings when he was ill, just not very often you see his full name. 

I agree.  That is definitely something to consider.



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