g24ary - terrible fakes!!! [suspect this was gnashert99 before and he changed his name]

Terrible fakes all of them - should be added to hall of shame!

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Might be a different seller, but the items he's selling do appear to be from the same Midlands UK forger.

Whoever is buying an autograph on an inner sleeve  or on the vinyl will have a good chance of getting a fake ! If you think of it : Buy a second hand LP sign it yourself on the cover, on the inner sleeve, and on the vinyl. There you go : You have just made 3 fakes out of one item ! Too bad that it is happening too often on Ebay...

hola, compre unos autografos a gnashert99, es verdad que son falsos? los compare por internet y son bastante buenos. gracias. pedro

Unfortunately, it's a safe conclusion that all the autographs this seller is selling are and have always been fake.  Very poor attempts.  The starting bids are also a dead giveaway that they know they're selling trash.  The forgeries were done in Midlands UK.  They're terrible looking and all done by the same un-talented forger, so they're especially easy to spot.

These look nothing like authentic examples.  

Hi Pedro,

My spanish is rusty so please forgive me. I would be very hesitant to buy anything from this seller, as every item i looked at was a forgery in my opinion. If you have purchased something from him, i would contact him for a refund. Or you could post it on the boards here for opinions. But i would be highly suspicious of any item he has for sale.

Take Care,


Hello everyone, today I have received my last acquisition before find you and put the record straight, I got my money and now I have to return these works of art to the famous artist.

This is pure garbage. But I'm glad that you have been able to get your money back. Sad that you have to return these, because they should be destroyed so they don't fool anyone else.

Pedro, es probable que todas son falsos. Si quieres, puedes poner fotos de los autograficos que has comprado aqui y nosotoros pueden comentar.

Hi, I bought a few autographs to gnashert99, it is true that there are false? The compare on the internet and are quite good - thank you Peter
Translated this from Spanish for all those that do not understand it (like me!!)

Yikes! this seller is just plain terrible!!! why would anyone want to buy from this crook when thats all you have to do is look at his Feedback!!! The majority of the negative feedback's are over authenticity!!! Thats why sadly you cannot trust the majority of autograph sellers off ebay! You just have to weed out the honest sellers from the crooks which i must say would be pretty tough because there are so many!

I have not bought off ebay, I've started this collection and bid on some that are later found to cheaply win for me.



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