g24ary - terrible fakes!!! [suspect this was gnashert99 before and he changed his name]

Terrible fakes all of them - should be added to hall of shame!


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If anyone can help verify that they are false it would be grateful, I will sue the seller and claim my money, is playing with our money and our illusions about having a piece of musical history in our hands. Thank you. Pedro.

sorry to say everthing is fake,I've been watching the stuff this guy is selling and I think it might be Gaz/Gareth/Steve or whatever he calls himself Fitzpatrick,a known forger in the midlands( and not very good) with many different accounts on ebay I would think,try and get your money back if you can....good luck

I agree with Matthew Pedro, these all look fake, and all signed by the same hand in the same marker. Go after him!

Hi, I send the mail to the owner of the collection sent me,

Dear Sir / Madam

I have seen the messages sent and You have the claim You have made ​​from your ebay account to the ebay seller who has sold part of my private collection on my behalf.

The Iron Maiden item you got was from my private collection, it was signed in person by the band for me. I saw it being signed it is real.

I will see you get your money back, I Do not Want You To Have Something That I worked so hard to get


All of the items in my collection are 100% real They Were Obtained in person by me During my 40 plus years in the music industry.

I have spoken to my solicitor and I have tells me your remarks are a clear case of libel.

(Defamation-also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or Otherwise published words)-is the communication of a statement That makes a claim, Expressly Stated or implied to be factual , That may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative image or bottom. This can be any disparaging statement Also made ​​by one person acerca another, Which is communicated or published).


If you do not withdraw remarks you send a written apology and I will have no alternative but to instruct my solicitor to start legal action against you


LOL. Dont listen to a word this individual has said to you. You have not libeled this individual one bit. What he is wanting to do is get his user name removed from this site, so that when people search for his name, nothing negative comes up.

Please dont do this, as he is as full of it as he can possibly be. And if he ever went to court, these items would be proven to be common forgeries and he would owe you court costs. Ive seen this threat time and time again, as most of us have here on this board, and its all B.S. 

Just intimidation tactics, and you have done nothing wrong in the legal sense whatsoever. Plus, their is no reputable dealer out their who would behave in this way with this kind of threat if the items were real. He would just refund your money and maybe disagree with you. You have not called this guy names or told everyone that his items are all bad. You have simply asked for opinions and asserted your opinion. And that is perfectly legal. 

Him throwing that card at you as laughable. It just shows what kind of a business he is running. Tell him to send the paperwork with the refund. lol

he should be suing me as i started the thread!!

he sells shamelessly horrible fakes!! i had someone peddle me similar stuff, i recovered 100% including shipping costs and even more... and i suggest you should also leave negative feedback for each and every transaction for the others to see.

anything purchased on ebay gets you paypal assurance. seek a full refund!! Let him sue all of us!!!

I only wonder what Iron Maiden record that he refer to as being signed for him in person. I was looking at his past auctions and neither of the albums or inner sleeves that I saw is genuine. (Iron Maiden, Killers, Piece of Mind, Live at Rainbow and the inner sleeve from Live after Death.)

I have been able to meet the band over 15 times since 1984 and have almost all records signed by the whole band, with the line up that is playing on the record.

So in this case, I would have no problem to testify about the authenticy of the Iron Maiden album that this seller have sold in the past.

Just stand your ground and get your refund!

This is a load of rubbish meant to blow smoke (plus he needs to have a third grade English teacher get together with him review how capitalization works).

Autographs are as fake as fake can be.  These are scattered all over Ebay UK over a number of accounts.  If his "100 real" and "obtained in person" comments suggest anything, it is that he is the forger of the plethora of UK Midlands forgeries.  That could actually be significant.

Pedro how about listing the sellers name and address in the uk ? would be very interested to see if it is who I think it is...

Address, gnashert99.

Johanna Bradley
15 Fernview Drive
Holcombe Brook

Another seller was no longer registered

bazsquash (Feedback score of 201)

Great job Pedro,

This will be very interesting to see how the seller responds. I imagine you will get another message threatening legal action. If he hasnt seen that his address is up, along with his possible real name, i would send him a link to this page so he can see, lol. When people are selling forgeries like this, they go nuts to try and defend themselves with threats of lawsuits etc. But you have done nothing wrong, so they are just huffing and puffing. Unfortunately this may not be his real name. Their certainly are females selling forgeries on a regular basis, and that certainly may be the case here. But judging by the name, it wouldnt surprise me at all if the actual seller is using Johanna's address as a front.

So gnashert99, aka:

Johanna Bradley
15 Fernview Drive
Holcombe Brook

What is your justification in selling these items? Please if you are reading this, by all means join the board and tell us the story on these autographs. How did you acquire them? When? and Where? If you really are concerned about your reputation, you need to respond.




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