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Thanks just ordered one for my wife i opted for the amazon cd though the bundles on his site were expensive and we dont have cassette player not sure why they are pushing cassettes at the moment , i just hope the signatures are ok i bought a signed book a while back and it was shocking just a squiggle at best  

Yea I don't get the cassette obsession at the moment.

Maybe they are the cheapest option to produce an album and gain a sale for the chart placing 

They're much cheaper to produce than vinyl. I don't think they're cheaper to produce than a CD considering they'll be producing thousands of CDs anyway and get bulk rates, but selling a bundle as "buy 4 CDs and get an autograph" is a little obvious. This way they market it as something collectible and hope it catches on.

I also think that selling multiple-CD bundles would hurt their bottom line. Those will end up on the secondary market where people buy them for half price instead of in record stores. Not many people will buy a cassette and skip a CD purchase because of it.

Thats a good point 

Yes, if you sell a CD and three different coloured cassettes as a bundle with an autograph that’s 4 sales for the album. Kerching!

Bought the Amazon CD. I know I'm going to get hit by a 'G' this time too but I'm a huge fan and have to be okay with it

ID be happy with a G the book was a slightly angled line   

Don't get your hopes up, I bought his previous CD (last year) on Amazon and got what looked like an "S".

Maybe he will give a better signature on items sold on his own site if i were a big fan id probably take the risk and pay for something on there he has some 10" prints you would hope he would take a bit more time/care on those 


It’s such a shame that Gary’s autograph is so lacklustre. He’s definitely a great add to any music collection, but I’m never inspired enough to make the purchase because of the lazy ‘G’

In fact, he might well be a candidate for laziest modern signer in music? It’s nice that he does a decent number of signed options from time to time, but it probably doesn’t take him very long!



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