I live in Uk ( Devon)

Anyone recommend any genuine sites on e bay for genuine music autographs ??

I have purchased a few and i think ive been had on 90% of them.

All have had genuine authenticity (so say) and coa`s



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Ebay offers almost 95% of fakes. Better is to create topic with name of celebrity and ask people here for their opition. COA is not certainty, I bought fakes with COA in the past. Everyone can do certifikate in Photoshop today so be careful.

Better to ask for those you already have for chance to get money back if they not real.


Thanks for your reply Sara


Agree with Sara. If you have a seller you're looking at post a discussion and links or if you are after a certain artist post up a discussion asking if anyone has anything for sale etc. We've all been in the same position and it takes time to learn but it's worth it!

eBay is great for CDs, earplugs, make-up, bathroom fixtures or a zillion other things - but autographs: no. That doesn't mean you can't amuse yourself looking at them but it's best to keep your money.

It takes time and effort to honor our favorite bands and musicians. The first step is to research the h*ll out of a band or artist - then ask and share your information here, before pulling the trigger.


You can still pick up good autographs on e bay if you are carefull but generally a bargain wont be a bargain if the price is low it wont be real unless you are very lucky if you see something do as Jim suggests first and post it here 


Thanks for your advice. 

Agree with you Roger on this. Just be confident with your research on the graph you want to purchase and look at seller feedback and you are fine. You can get taken anywhere. 



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