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What are people's views on this photo signed by Paul? Quite a cool image, depending where you stand on MJ. 

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It looks good to me, but I’m no where near great at the later sigs. 

Thanks Mark. I have the same problem. I'd trust myself to correctly pick 95% of the early full name McCartney's, but am problem at 50/50 with the later sigs! 

This looks good to me too.

Thanks Ballroom. 

This seems a bit off to me.  Although I am not one of the Beatles experts, I don't care for the overall look of the signature. 

Does the fact that it doesn't appear to be an original EMI publicity photo make a difference (lower image/graphic contrast & smaller borders)?   

I think I'd definitely want to examine this in hand to make a good decision as I find the digital image lacking sharpness to get a descent sense of the photo and the ink.  That's assuming it's "live ink".

Photo by Linda, printed by McCartney Productions Ltd. That a plus to me anyway.

I found this one in my exemplar file. Thorsten sold it on eBay back in 2016.

Hi and welcome - after 30 years of collecting Beatles related autographs and memorabilia it is time to reduce my collection!

All autographs are guarenteed to be genuine as they were all signed in person before my eyes or received by mail over the last decades from their autograph addresses or studios or were bought from best sources.

Here you can bid on a great promo picture from Paul with Michael Jackson for "Say Say Say".

The autograph was signed in Germany in 1989.

Here’s the discussion:


Is it the same item from the 2016 discussion as the OP?  I don't see any images as the eBay links are long expired.

Yes it is.

Can you share the original provided 2016 image from your exemplar file? Is it a sharper digital image reproduction of the item?

Thanks for finding it.  That's a much better look at it!  I was really keen to look at it more closely as I have an eye on one of this era that is also in black marker.


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