Quite a few of you have asked me to let you know when a solid set hits the scene, and here it is.

I don't know the seller, but the item is not only genuine- it's one of a limited number that were hand signed by the band and given out to record stores around the UK in the 80s during a promo. Right now it is at a very low price. I can promise you it'll sell for much more. If my wife wasn't twisting my arm to downsize my own collection right now, I'd move on it myself.

Good luck to all those bidding.

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I don't think I'll be bidding but I really appreciate your kindness in posting this.

My pleasure. Im sure most would've preferred a private message to cut down on bidders, but I've had at least 20 members here ask me for a heads up when one become available. The same number of people bidding would be there regardless. This just saves me from multiple individual messages lol. Good luck to all bidding.
How do you know for sure it is part of the lot handed out to the record stores?

I'm thinking about going for it.
Because its one of the sets released then. They were numbered and most were signed with the same marker. Same ink. Same signature styles. These are pretty well known in the Queen collecting community. A few of us have owned one or two in the past.

I like it and I think I'm going to go for it. I have always been nervous to buy a signed Queen item for fear of being ripped off.

Do you know anything about Journey autographs?
Good luck. I know a few people who are watching it as well. It's a nice piece. I'm sorry, but Queen is really the only band I speak on. I'm not really familiar with Journey sigs but I love the band. I've just read that Steve is going to be joining the band again to accept an award. Apparently, he still doesn't wish to preform with them but it'll be nice to see him in the public eye once more. Another great classic rock group.
Brian, here's another one that was given to record stores. Pretty easy to see the connection. Queen had released a small collection of their previous works in this boxset. For promo, a number of them were signed by the band and they were offered at a handful of UK stores. Imagine- the original fans who picked these signed boxsets up only paid about £30 at the time.
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Wow, that is great that you know this. I'm a big Queen fan but I've always stayed away from anything signed for the same reason I run from anything signed by the Beatles .

I'm glad I just happened to log in and see tbis thread.
No problem. I've been collecting Queen for 40 years now. It's a highly forged band, but nowhere near as forged as The Beatles and even with Freddie gone and John retired, Beatles items are worth much more than Queen everytime. I run a small group online that discusses and explains authentication in regards to Queen only with a few other Queen collectors. We're always happy to help fans find genuine items and get their first Queen set. All the best

thanks for the nod i like it and would normally have a bid on it but the seller has gone for the global shipping programme which means e bay charge about 25% of the final value in fees even though the actual import fees on a collectible are only 5% so ill have to give it a miss unless it goes for a really good price like $1200 or so

Indeed, Rogers. And to be honest, it's worth about that much. I'd be surprised if it didn't have a reserve on it for around 1k. Still, if it goes for around 1,200- that's a fair price for it imo. Any more, and I would back down if I were bidding.

A bit off-topic but amen re the shipping program. Not only are the fees astronomical per item but with the best will in the world sellers cannot combine items either.



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