Hi Beatles collectors.  Is this an authentic hand signed George Harrison autograph? 

Currently available on the bay.

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It looks authentic to me.

Thank you Ballroom. I appreciate and respect your opinion. Best regards. 

Since this is inscribed and on a later release, I'd place value at $1000-$1200 private sale.  It's also got water staining on front cover.

Looks good to me too.

Thank you Steve! Most appreciated. 

It is good. And one of the ONLY reasons I like personalized autographs when purchasing. Most forgers wouldn't do it (for many reasons)

I saw this on ebay and it believe it is good

Looks like eBay cancelled the listing.

Item ID 204788640366 is no longer available.

At the risk of being seen as a dissenter on this thread, a cancellation may well be for the best.  Especially so in light of some of the other material that did make it through (in my limited opinion).

Maybe it was stolen from Sally.

The same seller is also offering this Prince for sale.


Prince & The Revolution - Prince - Pop Life Signed 7" Record Cover - Picture 2 of 2

If it's real it's worth at least 5-times the £1,500 they're asking for it.


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