On Ebay at a low price, any opinions?

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+1. Would LOVE to see one in hand.

Wow, I never even thought of such a thing, but it's true... I use Photoshop every day, and it has immense capabilities. I was even astounded at the image quality when looking at 1200dpi scans of my new Lennon signature. And that's just scratching the surface of what modern day scanners can do. Definitely something to keep a watch on in the future.

Modern day scanners...and scammers!

Buy from a better seller of beatles... Caiazzo or tracks... Or search the item with these coa... This is right and not dangerous..
But the final question is: can we see the different with a real signatures with a pen and a signatures print created with photoshop or other program???

I might wager not enough of this has been seen to say? Ideally, an in hand exam of a copy set and its original template would help to spot "tells". And remember, Ballroom caught that "n" on its own.

Flynny, Did eBay end your listing for this item? Have you asked the joblot seller for a refund for this item? May I ask why you didn't ask for a refund for the copy of AHDN with forged signatures instead of taking it to the dump, where someone apparently recovered it and consigned it to auction?

update on my autographs,I did end the listing on ebay and later ebay removed them so thats what happened to them,I got hold of the seller today at the fair i got them from his name is andy but he would not give me his surname for some reason? he gave me half my money back as he said they were all genuine. 

Half? And you took it. Would have thought you would have demanded all of your money back. I know if I had bought them from you I would have gone for you 100% pal.

usually i would have took all but i did sell one of the autographs to tracks what i bought of him,so i thought it was not a loss.

He provided you with his contact info, but wouldn't tell you his last name? He had that much cash on hand at the fair to return to you? Did he refund you for the AHDN even though you didn't return it to him? 

I've never heard of eBay removing an unsold completed auction. They do remove sold completed auctions.  

well thats what ebay done and i am finished talking about this now,never known such interrogation before on any site.


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