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I thought it was the booklet for the CD :(

I think it's the same sized print. Today they changed the quantity to 2 per person, I tried to add the CD, vinyl and bundle to cart to check if they were all really available and it said the signed print is limited to 2. So it was counting the print across CD and vinyl. If they were different sizes they would have different stock.

do they put a limit on how many you can buy?

Only UK right?

Thank you. Fortunately I have a friend in the UK I send stuff to so once I changed my ship to address I was able to order. Saw them last night with Volbeat in Grand Rapids. Good show.

I really want one if someone can grab me one I'll pay for it and ship and time 4 your trouble won't ship 2 US

What part of us you live in bro?

Sold out.

Hi, if someone is Ok I can trade a slash 4 signed CD to a Ghost signed cd or vynile.

I live in France so  I was unable to own a ghost item.

I also can trade an Avril lavigne signed bundle cd + cassette. 

Have a good day


I always just order the UK exclusives like this:

I've done this +-30 times and never got any problems, only once I had to pay for shipment at the local postal office.

Nice trick. Did you also try this since they changed the customs threshold?
Since July 1st I always get a customs bill on any UK shipment (unless IOSS is used). So it would be much easier for them to add the international shipment costs to that bill.

Yes, I do also get a customs bill every time, but for most items I don't really mind (like the Taylor Swift signed Red cd)



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