Hey everyone!

I'm a newbie here but a huge MJ fan!

I recently won a lot at GHRR auctions. The lot was previously hosted on Knaiz Auctions. To my untrained eye, the signed fedora looked authentic. But after winning it, I started doing research on signed fedoras and came across this site full of knowledgeable folks! I was stunned to discover that a majority of signed fedoras were inauthentic. Even more shocking was the whole Julien's debacle!

Anyway, the fedora comes with no letter of provenance, just 2 COA's; one from Knaiz and one from GHRR.

I already sent this to Steve and Wascher for their input. Steve said it doesn't look authentic to him and suggested I post it here for everyone to chime in. Thanks again Steve for your kind help!

Please do take a look and let me know your thoughts. 

Anyone here have experience with Knaiz Auctions or GHRR?

Truly appreciate everyone lending their expertise to this.



P.S. If you're wondering why I bid first and researched later, the bid time was closing in a few minutes and I felt I could win it at the minimum bid, which I did.

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There are certainly much more knowledgeable people here than me, but it doesn't look good imo.

I think Knaiz is the one that I see selling fake MJs all the time, and GHRR is usually a mixed bag.

Thanks for your input Collin!

Never buy from Knaisz. All they do is sell fakes- they can't be trusted. Signed fedoras are quite rare and the one you have looks fake

I'd just add that MJ fans don't tend to miss genuine items at good prices, especially on major international auction sites.

If an item isn't getting bids at its minimum price, then it's either overpriced or fans know something about the provenance that isn't in the description (eg it's a known fake originally sold on ebay or another online platform.)

Oh yeah it's brilliant to get a bargain but also can make you feel unsure of the authenticity when it's cheap, especially if you don't know what to look for with his autograph. It was amazing that I got my signed dangerous tour programme with a personal message to his friend for only $350 US some years ago. 

can show the signed tour programme?

Ed Kosinski from GHRR may not know about Knaisz's reputation. Point that out, and hopefully, he'll let you out of the sale this time.

It's very important to remember that the terms in many auctions, probably most auctions, tell you to do your research before you bid, because you own it no matter what you find out later. Fraud and certain other thing may allow you to get out of it, but that's usually your responsibility to prove.

+1 Not authentic imo

I would keep my hands off Signed fedora to buy from MJ in the future.
It's too difficult to find an authentic one and if you can find one, it costs a lot of money....

I found 9 pieces that were sold at Knaiz auctions........

None of them are real in my Opinion

Thank you guys so much for everyone's input!

I've stumbled upon another auction currently ongoing.

Which of these do you think are authentic?

1. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/100132677_michael-jackson-stag...

2. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/100132669_michael-jackson-auto...

3. https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/100132657_michael-jackson-auto...

I'm inclined to think 3. is authentic...but what do I know XD

I've certainly learned my lesson about bidding before doing the research!

Would appreciate your thoughts on these :)

Thank you all so much!

What's the likelihood that a seller would have 3 genuine MJ signed hats, 2 pairs of signed shoes, a genuine signed Thriller, and more. BTW, those MJ purportedly signed Boris Karloff firsts day covers were determined to be forgeries by Roger Epperson in Sept. 2009.

Hey Steve,

A great point! I found the Boris Karloff stuff dubious looking as well!

The London signed loafers do look pretty good though.

Think some of them could be legit, maybe?

Are the items all from one seller or from multiple sources?



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