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Signed print vinyl? Does that mean it's autographed? They've only been doing the black LP with a signed lithograph. The blue marble (minus signatures) can be bought from their website. $21 is a lot for shipping to the States. I literally just woke up. I'll have to look more after a bit. 

It means that it comes with a signed 12x12 litograph / poster together with the Vinyl LP itself. Go for it hehe

I'm already waiting for the CD to arrive so I'll pass on the vinyl this time

Thanks for the explanation.

Are you sure you don't want both? It'll be their last recorded album (in other words there won't be a next time if you pass on it this time). They will still tour just not record albums. The artwork is stunning as are the colors. I can only imagine what it would look like professionally framed.

I would aim for the black vinyl to save a little bit of money rather than the blue marble.

Nope. I'm happy with the CD, and also trying not to buy two copies of the same autographed album (unless it's something I really love or is super rare).

Did you snag a copy in the end? Looks like they are sold out by now.

Thank you very much just did that shipping though ouch:)

Did you actually get an order through on Merch Bar? It shows unavailable when I get to the checkout.

This looks like another rip-off by Merchbar. I placed an order through this link. The product page said Signed Print Vinyl when I placed it in my cart. My confirmation e-mail does not say it has the signed print. When I click the item link from the confirmation it takes me to the page which now does not have the Signed Print text. So it looks like they changed it at some point - I will probably receive an unsigned item with no way to prove I ordered from the signed page.

If you now click on the link that was posted here it does not say signed print anymore. I guess that instead of creating a new product for the unsigned item, they adjusted the product page.

That leaves the question, did they run out of products with the signed prints and will they honor orders placed up to a certain time, or was it never supposed to have a signed print in the first place? Maybe they "corrected" the product page?

Hey Jor-El, I was able to order one from Merchbar earlier today and in the order confirmation email it does say "Godsmack Lighting Up The Sky Blue Marble Colour Vinyl - Online Exclusive + Signed Print Vinyl." Hope this helps.

Hi Knob Dylan, thanks!  Could you click the link in your email and see if the page still says "Signed Print Vinyl" too?

My confirmation only says "Godsmack Lighting Up The Sky Blue Marble Colour Vinyl", but I'm positive I ordered from the correct page. 

Hey Jor-El, I clicked the link in my email order confirmation and it goes to "Lighting Up The Sky Blue Marble Colour Vinyl - Online Exclusive Vinyl." My actual order confirmation email says the same as the description above except at the end it adds " + Signed Print Vinyl." I've had good experience with Merchbar before but I haven't ordered a ton of stuff through them either. 

Thanks, that confirms that the product page was changed. 

As I understand it they are more of a marketplace/ intermediary much like 3rd party sellers on Amazon, so they don't know much about the items themselves.

In my experience when something goes wrong they do not step up for the customer. When I received an item unsigned they wanted me to pay for the initial shipment, the return shipment and the VAT that I had paid to customs. The international return shipment alone would cost me more than the item itself.



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