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Anybody know anything about this site. Seems to have a lot of inventory....too good to be true. 


Is this item legit ? See Pic


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The item isn’t legit, unfortunately. That site is well known for selling forgeries.

I wouldn't trust this site with even a dollar of my money.  Forgery Factory.  It's been discussed many times on this site before. 

Ok Thank You, just joined this forum. Site looked sketchy, garbage, strange that people get away with such bold blatant ripoffs. No shame

besides the fact that there grateful dead aare all  fake if the guitars were real u would be paying 15 to over 20 k foe one now.

there aren't many real guitars out there they just didn't sign them

depening on ur bufget I have a few full band and solo sttuff  all done in person and u can ask anyone here about my reputatuin

racc seller 330

None of them are even close.



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