Hi - This item comes from a collection of a Finnish concert promoter. He was also working with the concert of Guns N'Roses here in Helsinki in 1991. He got this signed photo from the band during their visit.

He'll sell his collection of more than 120 rare signed photos which he has got during the years and I'm just researching the items and making a catalog of them.

This photo is a bit different from the others in his collection. I wonder if the autographs could be printed. This has been hanging on his wall for many years and has been affected by sun/light which might make it feel printed.

Maybe some of you knows if the band usually gave out printed photos and might this be one?

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i was dealing with label at the time and dealt with the use yor illiuson relase and spent 2 years over at the geffen offices during that tour

i personaly never saw a preprinted 8 x 10 .doesnt mean it didnt excist.

they had a guy with the band that took care of autographs for industry personel  as u just didnt go up to axl and ask him,

it also has izzy who was replaced by gilby.  notsure if izzy ever made over to helsinki ,so its either pre printed or came out of the united states  office.

also thats the usa geffen promo picticture

Izzy did play in Helsinki in 1991. My friend met him in Stockholm on that tour. We also got 3 copies of the same picture and they were all hand signed. I have attached my copy of the picture. These were given to us by their tour managers.

So I can't say that there were any pre printed copies of this photo, but ours were hand signed.

Thanks! Great help.



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