I got 2 Harrison Fords Star Wars for Christmas I just wanted to see if anyone knew if these were good or not?  The reason is because they're a little different. One is on his chest which appears that he doesn't have enough room to write. The other one is written across with more letters.

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Hi Kammie,

I moved this to our Star Wars forum because there are a couple top Harrison Ford experts there.

Thank you so much sir. Being new here it's very hard to get to know where everything is and how to find answers where and how. There's this man called Tom Kramer he is selling the one that is from Indiana Jones and of course I received one from Christmas was the one that he has a signature on his chest and if you noticed the two are a little different but I'm wondering if maybe he just didn't have enough room to write on his chest. It is in the light so it's clearly not trying to be hidden. I try to watch for all different alert red lights so to speak you know. I hope you're not mad at me that I posted here. You're a very good man!


I'm not mad in the least! This site can be hard to figure out. 

You'll likely get a response today from one of the two experts. Tom Kramer is a very reputable dealer. He's one of the leading dealers on vintage entertainment autographs, but he sometimes has popular current ones, too. Tom has a 100% money-back guarantee of authenticity, so you're well protected.

Oh you're such a good man for understanding. It's so hard to navigate with these autograph sometimes and I am pretty good at understanding many of them but occasionally I need some help and with Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford..... They can be fraudulent in a heartbeat. That's why I do need some help with some of these guys.

Welcome! :) Another vote for Tom Kramer - great source, especially for vintage.


Do you know anything about Harrison Ford? I really came here just for that alone right now. Tom Kramer sells them but I don't know if they're good or not. There's just so many styles of his writing.

My opinion is the Indiana Jones is suspect. I think the world of Tom but don't care for this signature. The second signature looks like it could be a rushed in person signature. Not the greatest example. 

He says all the modern ones he has are In Person signed by someone he has known a long time in NYC...

There are some outstanding Ford collectors here, hopefully one or two of them will chime in. 

He rushes a lot of them

Hi Kammie, Ford is a little recent for me but if Joe sees an oddity I would listen and look for more information. You must have seen the large Ford thread here, no? That should help you also. The other example - even if rushed IP it has limited appeal to many.



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