Hello, everyone! I have a question about a Harrison Ford autograph I recently purchased. It's certified by Celebrity Authentics. I had thought of them as a reliable source; but after doing some research, I learned that there are good reasons to be wary of them. There are allegations that they hold private signings and then boost their inventory by adding forgeries into the stock.

I'm only interested in autographs when I can feel reliably certain that they're authentic. And I know that this forum includes some of the biggest Harrison Ford signature experts alive. So I'm hoping to get a couple of opinions on this one. Thanks so much for all of your help!

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If it was signed a few years ago, it may have a chance of being typical for that time period.  I have my concerns, since he should have been sitting down when he signed it.  He seems to have been fatigued.  For the record, I do not consider myself an expert authenticator.  I am a collector who is offering an opinion.  I have also purchased from Celebrity Authentics, and I have not noticed any evidence of what you have mentioned in your original post.

Thank you for your input, Mike! When I entered the ID into their website, it says it was signed on 09/01/2015. The "fatigued" style is another complaint I've heard about Celebrity Authentics - that they cram too many items into their signing sessions, resulting in rushed, sloppy signatures.

I'm hoping Pete Bendu sees this thread, because I believe it was him who made me aware of the authenticity concerns in another thread somewhere. He seems to be the biggest expert on all of this. But it appears that CA has released some very untrustworthy-looking signatures in recent years. And they're also the movie-related branch of Gridiron Authentics, which has also come under scrutiny for forgeries.

So they exist in a weird gray area, where they indisputably hold genuine signings with these people, but then potentially corrupt them with fakes. So buying from them comes with a bit of risk.

Personally, I wish I could have avoided them entirely. But I can't afford the prices at the more reliable sources, which tend to go closer to $1,000.

If it was signed in 2015, I would rest easy.  Hopefully Pete will offer an opinion as well. He is the Bendu.  Best of luck.

Pete and Mike T are certainly very reliable with Ford. I would also suggest trying Beckett Signature Review Service for $10.

In my opinion, Beckett is strong on Ford and Star Wars in general.

For what it's worth, I added this Ford to my collection in December. Christmas present to myself. :-)  Mike T gave it the thumbs up and it passed Beckett.

Very nice, Steve.  Perfect placement.

Thank you for the tips! That's very helpful.

And that's a fantastic signature! As Mike S. said, the placement is perfect. I love the way he signed it along the blade. Nice find!

Also, the “A” contains a trace of his vintage autograph.  Very cool.

It's not the prettiest, but it's real

I'm so happy to hear that! I normally can't afford his signature, but I saw a good deal on this one and took a chance. It's a big relief to have your verification, and I really appreciate your help. Thanks so much!

If you're on Facebook, join our sales page.. lots of Fords bought and sold every week.

Oh, that's very good to know! I'm new to all this, so I wasn't aware. Thanks again for everything!



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