An acquaintance offers me this autograph of Harrison Ford. He tells me that they signed it in person and I know the person and he is very serious and respectful. What do you think of the autograph?
I think there are many experts from Harrison Ford's firm in the group, so I would like to have your opinion.
Thank you!!!

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Forgery IMO.


Aside from the shaky writing and the stop and start mark, very fake.

Agreed with the comments above. Not genuine.

The shaky signature thing could be because it's going to be 80 years old and you never know the situation at the time of the autograph.
Any more opinion? I really like this autograph and I know the person offering it to me and if he tells me that he got it personally he is a very honest person.
What does the start and stop mark mean?
Excuse me, really, but I think these are very quick opinions, without studying it carefully... and excuse me again, please.
Steve Cyrkin, I think you once did a Harrison Ford signature study. What do you think?
Thank you!!!!

Start and stop means there are starts and stops in the ink track because the signer was not Harrison Ford. This is a very basic concept even for a beginner IMO. It is not genuine as everyone noted.

Yes this. Definitely not authentic. The person signing was overthinking, confused about the next move, had to stop to reasses sizing and angles. 

It sounds like you will keep digging for opinions until someone tells you its real, so let me put it to you this way, say it is real, say Harrison Ford was drunk or had a medication problem and signed this completely off from his other signatures.. you won't be able to authenticate it or resell it in the future unless you convince someone else its real.. good luck with that.. everyone on here is certin this is not good.. id start questioning what kind of friendship you have with your acquaintance 

How much is this friend asking?

Eric, Jason. Excuse the debate and also you know more than me. But many times I think: it can't be that the more imperfect the signature, the more real it is. Because you catch the actor in a hotel, at the airport, in an uncomfortable situation, with many more people and he signs quickly and sometimes reluctantly.
A perfect signature that is made sitting at a table, with time. Couldn't it be more dubious?

Thank you!!

This is a stretch. You have your mind set already and are searching hard for any kind of approval of what you already believe. You wont find it in here with this autograph. 

if this was signed on the street, it would be a quick autograph.. Ford wouldn't sign slow, stopping to make sure he got his own signature correct.. this has many signs of a forgery without even comparing it to a known good example.. add in a known in person Ford signature for reference and OMG.. just run

For this to be a recent sitting signature that would most likely be a paid private signing with the $ and a cert to go along with it. I do not collect autographs that require an explanation. How much is being asked for this poor attempt? That will say a lot.


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