Please could I have opinions on this Ford signed mini Blade Runner poster please. It doesn’t look right to me but could be rushed street signing. 

Many thanks in advance as always


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It actually looks pretty typical to me.  I agree that it is likely to have been rushed and signed on the street.  Do you trust the seller?

I don't disagree.

Actually, I might.

Sparky1708 - I'd go with your first impression and pass on this one.  At best, it might be end up being one of those that you'd always wonder about.

Sparky, I think it's real. I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

Thanks to everyone for taking a look. It’s being sold at Chaucer Auctions. I’ve always trusted them but lately some of their higher price items have been questionable. This signature is obviously not from an organised signing and his usual street signing is cramped and erratic. So for me this sits somewhere in the middle.

Coolwaters have just announced a Ford signing event for February 2023 with the lowest priced items starting at $875 and rising to over $1400. Just a bit too pricey for me I’m afraid.


It’s auction so starting at £140

I’m sure it will go for at least £400 + buyers premiums. Chaucer start with attractively low estimates/reserves to gain interest.

Coolwaters had a private signing last year at $750 which I missed and the price has gone up dramatically for the next one. I have an ongoing blade runner project so Ford is essential but now at a minimum $875 I don’t think I can justify the outlay. 

I need to add Harrison Ford to my Blade Runner photo as well.  I will also pass on the private signing in February.  I may regret it one day.  Best of luck, Sparky.  Please keep us posted.

Will keep you posted Mike.

To add his signature to an existing signed image costs $1275. I think that price is aimed at the Star Wars collectors with ongoing projects…but I cannot justify the outlay. 

I saw that when I looked up the pricing last night. I agree that it is difficult to justify spending that amount.  My photo is 8x10, so it would cost me $1025 to add his autograph to it.  Perhaps one day I will be able to budget for it.

I was gonna say - Coolwaters actually did have Blade Runner posters signed at their Ford signing, so I was half wondering if that was one of those. Sean Young is one of their longtime clients.



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